Meeting Street Academy – Spartanburg

Meeting Street Academy - Spartanburg opened its doors to 36 three and four year olds in July of 2012. Because of the success of Meeting Street Academy - Charleston, generous donors have chosen to replicate the MSA model in Spartanburg, enabling even more children in South Carolina to benefit from a rigorous, college-preparatory education. MSA - Spartanburg is located at 201 East Broad Street, Suite 110 in downtown Spartanburg.


Dear Friends and Families of Meeting Street Academy,
Meeting Street Academy is proud and excited to be a part of the Spartanburg community. We believe MSA will offer a life changing educational experience for students in the upstate that will prepare them to attend the finest colleges in the country and to become future leaders.

Meeting Street Academy offers an education that focuses on empowering the whole child. This includes providing a rigorous academic curriculum integrated with the arts and music and helping students to develop critical thinking skills that will help them compete in a global economy.

Our mission is to prepare students to attend college and become future leaders. MSA is committed to helping students develop self esteem, grit, and resilience skills to thrive in a complicated world.

Our students are socially aware and participate in a multitude of service projects to help improve their community. Our values of REAL (relationships, excellence, accountability, leadership) are embodied in the curriculum and everyday lives of our students.

We invite you to visit the academy and meet engaged, thriving, and happy students as well as the dedicated and talented teaching staff. I am happy to be part of the Spartanburg community and call it my home!

Best Wishes,

Trish Scarry

Path To Success

At Meeting Street Academy we are committed to providing all children with the educational opportunity that we believe is a fundamental right. Our mission insists that our schools support academic achievement. Students' academic achievement depends on our ability to teach a strong academic curriculum and develop the personal skills of our students. At MSA we focus on the development of grit, gratitude, optimism, empathy, citizenship, integrity, self-control, and curiosity because strength in each of these areas is a high indicator for success in school, work and relationships. At MSA our academic and social skills curriculum is putting children on the path to success.